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So, you are looking to having some concreting done right?  At least we are assuming so if you have landed on our page.  Well, you’ve come to the right place and there is no need to look any further.  If you were to do so you would mostly likely find a large list of wannabe concrete contractors and companies out there, or a number of home handymen who own a concrete mixer and a fool other concreting tool.  Unfortunately, the reality is that while anyone can lay concrete, not every one does it to a professional level.  You want the result to last you a lifetime,

Logan Concreters can do this for you.  Our staff have all the relative expertise and experience and use all the right tools.  We do this every day and know how to get the job done.  Out main goals are to provide a service that is completed to our customer’s satisfaction (that’s you by the way!) while still maintaining a cost competitive price. 

We can provide a range of concreting services and happy to meet you on site to discuss potential jobs, options and outcome while we measure up and finally to provide a quote for any future work.  We can complete almost any job you throw at us, and if we have never done it before, we are willing to give it a go or refer you to someone else you can.  Here are just a few of the services that we can offer.

NOTE:  Some work below may require approval from your Council, dependant on the areas they are built.  As a general rule we always ask that you contact your local Council first to confirm.

Concrete Slab’s – Of course!  This what we spend most of out time doing.  Laying a concrete slab may be as easy as following a YouTube video or asking google how but laying a good slab, cheaply and effectively requires years of training and experience.  Lucky we have that training and experience.

Concrete Driveways – Get rid of that bumpy ride into your home!  Get that nice, flat entrance that you always wanted.  A good driveway can improve the visual amenity of your home while also reducing wear and tear on grassed areas and sediment.

Decks and patios – We can lay the foundation for the area where you plan to entertain friends and family, giving you that perfect outdoor space for barbeques and summer evenings.    An outdoor patios space can change people’s lives and homes.

Edging and Curbing – Whether it’s internal guttering, or just an area required to channel water away from your home, we can do it!  We can also add the additional curb and drainage channels to any slab or driveway we create.

Retaining Walls – Small concrete retaining walls are a possibility, an easy and cost effective solution to  sediment and earth moving issues and often look more visually appealing than most people realise.

Gardens and Outdoor Spaces – Everything from laying a small foundation for gazebo or bungalow to making basketball courts and other outdoor play areas.  Firepits and outdoor spaces are also becoming more popular.   We can also do earth saving features such as water channels and drainage.

Meet Logan Concreters

We are locals and we love our region.  Working within the community with both residents and other businesses has made us realise the importance of a community both from personal aspect and a business one.  We believe that the ability to build a business such as Logan Concreters and provide a necessary service to others who live here has been paramount in our success. 

We are a company that takes pride in our work and ensure that we provide the best possible outcomes for our customers.  To achieve this, we make sure that all our staff have the training, skills and experience to reach your desired results.  We also make sure that we only use professional tools and equipment so we can get the job done in a timely and efficient manner.

While we are on site, we also want you to rest assure that we follow all workplace health and safety guidelines, and our work is conducted in a safe and healthy manner.  This is important not just to protect us, as we all want to arrive home at the end of each day, but also your family and others at your home (be it friends, neighbours or even cats and dogs!)

Only the Best Service

We believe ourselves to be the best concreter in the business, in the region.  Others may say otherwise and we are fine with that, but we like to think that we know the two things that customers want, and we focus our business on these two aspects.

These are first and foremost quality service.  No business can survive without it and we try to make sure all our customers are satisfied.

Secondly, we aim to achieve the above by also providing a cost-effective service, to make our customers doubly satisfied.

If you want to contact us for a price, we are happy to arrange an onsite inspection with yourself to discuss what you want to achieve.  From there we can quickly do a measure and rough estimate of the volume of concrete involved and the amount of work required.  From there we can get back to you with a quote!

Rest Assure; We also do the following…!

We follow any work place health and safety guidelines, protecting ourselves and your family!

Dispose any of our waste in a disposable manner!

Have approvals and insurances to operate.

Service Areas

We generally service all of Cairns and outlying areas.  If you think you are out of the way, please give us a call anyway and we will discuss if we can get out to you!

Random fact:  What is concrete?

You would be surprised how many people don’t know, and often confuse concrete with cement and vice versa.  It’s okay, we understand.  The cement in fact, is actually just one component of the concrete.

When you go to Bunnings to make concrete, you buy a bag of cement.  It doesn’t become concrete until you mix it with water and an aggregate (for example, sand or gravel).  This is when it becomes concrete.

So if you hear your local tradie talking about one or the other, now you know the different!

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