Additions To A Concrete Patio

There are many possible additions to a concrete e patio that allow you to design and shape the perfect outdoor area to suit your needs.  While many of these can be additions later, you may want to think about what you want to do with your own area as sometimes it pays to plan ahead.  By doing so you allow the pouring of the slab to be done with future work in mind, which may lead to building up areas, or letting them be.  On the other hand, simply going with the patio first and then seeing what you enjoy about your space has its own benefits as what you at first think you may want in the future, may change as the practicality and logistics of the site unravel.  The down fall is that later additions may require some work, either drilling or cutting into the concrete at a later date.  Below are a few potential additions to a concrete patio.

Walls and Edging – While some people may want a flush service from their house onto their backyard and lawn, never underestimate the quality of small walls or edges surrounding your patio area.  Done right it can create an aesthetic line of delineation to the outdoor spaces and be visually pleasing.  This looks better if all part of a whole single concrete unit with seamless transition form the slab to the walls, so can be beneficial if thought of ahead of the project.

Gardens -Similar to above, edges can be created that allow for planting of shrubs, flowers or even cacti.  It doesn’t even have to be at the very edge of the patio although you may have to consider what type of plants you want if there is going to be constant shade.

Seats and Table – Formed and moulded seats and tables can look pleasing if they appear to physically rise out of the slab as a single unit.  A centre table can really bring people together while seats and benches give those perfect places for a quick respite or to read a book after you have added some cushions etc.  Warning however, once built, they won’t be able to be moved.

Built in Barbeque – Why not have an old concrete barbeque or cooking place built right into the patio.  This gives you a visually pleasing affect while allowing to cook on a charcoal or wood based medium.

Specially designed Kitchen and Catering area – Upgrade from a barbeque to a complete outdoor kitchen space.  While this requires the installation of other equipment such as stoves and ovens, the basic bench space and area can all be added to the patio.

Steps or ramps – If you have a raised or uneven pad, the addition of concrete steps can help give you the uniform look your after if made at the same time as the patio.   If you have elderly or disabled a ramp can make an easy transition and even a bons entry to your household.

Bar -Don’t just get any bar, get one that’s stuck firmly in place by the very concrete at your feet.  Every one knows what a great addition a bar can be for a evening in the backyard.

Structure -The addition of a gazebo or bungalow at a later date might require some drilling or cutting to properly install but if you plan ahead you can organise to have them installed before or during the project.  If not, you may want to leave space for posts etc.

French doors or open glass walls – It has become popular to have whole walls of a house facing a patio removed to make way for glass doors or moving screen doors, allowing a seamless transition from the house to the patio.  This is a fantastic look and although it’s not technically part of the concrete patio that is being built, if you are planning this in the future, you may wan to consider having the patio built to a level flush with the house if possible.

Fountains and water features – Having fountains and water features added to the patio can give you those tranquil, relaxing afternoon feels as you sit and listen to the water trickle by.

Pool or spa – Nothing says party like a pool or spa party.  If you have the space, it makes for the perfect outdoor entertainer, especially if you have kids.

Shade sail or umbrella holes – A good shade sail can be a cheap and easy option to place over your patio, but if you plan early a few wholes in the ground can be arranged for placing beach umbrellas and the like.  They can be plugged when not in use to avoid being tripping hazard.

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