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Welcome to our blog and article sights that is all things concrete and cement.  Why?  Because we do this day in and day out and we often get the questions or comments related in here, so we thought it would be fun to do a little research and provide the information our clients want.  We try to make it a sight that both yourself and concreters will enjoy.

WHere did concrete Start? – 2 November 2020 – We often get asked about what concrete or cement is and who was the first to use it, so curiosity got the best of us and we decided to look into it.  IN this article we’ll go back to the very beginning and identify the first civilizations to use a substance that could be called concrete (although it may have differed quite a lot to what we recognise today?  You be surprised who the first known civilisation is, probably because you have never heard of them before…

Long Term Concrete Services – 5 November 2020 – Our next article on the history of concrete covers some more famous civilisations that use concrete, starting with the Ancient Chinese, and how they used a different formula to create a mortar that still matches the strengths of today’s concrete.  Can you guess what it is?  The answers inside.  It then talks about the Ancient Roman, the first civilization to really take the use of the material in hand and use it for everyday building.  They also changed the way it was used and created new building methods that would form the basis of more modern architecture.

First Concrete Contractors – 7 November 2020 – Like many technologies, this article explains why concrete, both its use of and its working formula, took a massive back step after the collapse of the Roman Empire.  As the Dark Ages started, the western world saw a massive decline in its use and it would be a slow re-build before it would be regularly used again.  It wasn’t until the 1700’s that a formula would be developed that could match the Romans.

Modern Concrete Services – 10 November 2020 – The final article on the History of concrete, which brings us first into the industrialised age, and how man created the modern formula on Concrete otherwise known as Portland Concrete.   This formula and the age of machines and factories allowed the material to have all the properties concrete is known for today, while being mass produced and making it one of the most common building materials today.

The Difference Between Concrete and Cement:  DO Concreters know the difference?– 16 November 2020 –So many times we have been asked this as a concreting contractor, so do you know what, here is the answer.  Not just a simple answer, although the answer is quite simple, but an in depth explanation on the difference, but what actually makes up the final components.  Yes there is a bit of science talk happening, so that a warning, but it’s not as science related as it could have been.  I mean face it, we’re not really that smart either.

What is the Best Cement Ratio for Concrete?   19 November 2020 – Easily one of the most common questions put to us by not just customers, but anybody who finds out we do concrete, is what is the best formula for concrete, or at least the best ratio when combing the cement powder, sand and other aggregates.  Well, there is no single answer , but there is a starting point, so click on the article to find out where that is…

What is Polished Concrete? – 21 November 2020 Not as old and ancient as many people would have you believe. Polished concrete is a tried and true floor finishing method now popular with builders and buyers alike.  It’s known to be an easy, attractive and durable solution for all your flooring needs, but where did it come from, what exactly is it, and how is it made?

Should I Get A Concrete Driveway? – 24 November 2020 – This article talks quickly about the benefits of getting a concrete driveway, but also the negatives.  Everything from its concrete nature – it’s strength and durability, to its mouldable and malleable nature.

Other Options:  To a Concrete Driveway – 30 November 2020 – Aren’t we nice?  An article on other possible materials that you might want to build your driveway such as asphalt, pavers and gravel.  Or of course you could do absolutely nothing at all…

Why Install A Concrete Driveway? – 3 December 2020 – We gave you the alternatives, now here is a list of reasons why you should install a concrete driveway.  And no, we’re not just saying that because we’re concreters.

Things To Consider – Concrete Driveway – 5 December 2020 – Looking at getting a new driveway?  What questions do you need to ask yourself if considering concrete?  Most of them are in here!

What Affects Concrete Driveway Cost – 9 December 2020 – how much is this going to cost you?  That’s what you want to know right?  Well, the answer isn’t that simple.  How big do you want the driveway, how much work is involved, what finishing touches do you want on it?  All these will affect price.

What does concrete contractor do? -14 December 2020 – A quick rundown on what a concrete contractor will do for a basic slab.  Even discussing the ins and outs doesn’t really touch on the important points and why a professional service is so much better than a less qualified home handy man.

Why Build A Concrete Website – 30 December 2020 – Why?  You should be asking yourself why not?  People steered away from concrete patios but after realising the upkeep of things like decks and gazebos, the pendulum is starting to swing back the other way. 

Wooden Deck Vs Concrete Patio –  4 January 2020 – The oldest argument of all time.  Well, probably not, but it is one thing that home owners wanting to add a little extra to their outdoor spaces have to argue with.  We try to weigh up some of those arguments in this article.

Additions To A  Concrete Patio – 9 January 2021 – thinking of getting a concrete patio, well think a little more because there is a number of ways to spice up your favourite outdoor area.

A Day (or days) in the life of a Concreter – 25 January 2021 – A slab just doesn’t appear overnight.   A lot of work goes into preparing and pouring a slab and the basic start to finish process (although simplified) can be found here.

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