Garden work and Concrete Edging

A very underrated submission to your backyard, sometimes providing a little but of structural work can increase the look, the physical pleasure and even the general feel of your home and garden.  At Logan’s Concrete Contractors, we don’t just to large buildings and slabs but can do or the small things, the little additions around your home that can bring it to life.  We not only have all the right equipment and tools, but also the experienced staff and expertise to create a multitude of concreting solutions around your home.  See below for just a few of them.

Pathways, Stepping Stones and Stairs

The right concrete in the right place can be of service to you for many years to come.  Concrete paths can be useful and longer lasting than any other material such as pavers or stepping stones.  A few concrete steps, or even a ramp, can provide a simple but effective solution to accessing different areas in your yard, especially if you have older members in your family who can no longer dismount larger steps or retaining walls.

Raising the concrete up a little can make an edge an ensure that grass and weeds do not grow over it for easier maintenance and we can run them as long and as far as you need.  Pathways also protect the yard against commonly walked areas, preventing the erosion of the area, which also kills the grass.  This also protects your house from people tracking mud and dirt inside from those very areas.  Have you ever lived in a place that doesn’t have a path to the clothesline, only to find that you need to clean out the laundry every time you have out the washing from all the foreign materials you bring in with you?  Don’t put up with, give us a call and we will lay the path for you.

Pool Yards

Pool yards can be notoriously difficult to deal with.  Due to the fencing requirements, the yard is often small and the shape of the pool makes it difficult to deal with.  Do you simply grass it?  Then mowing becomes an issue and it’s always that extra yard that you never want to do.  Garden it?  Then you have to week it and the kids run around the outside destroying all your plants.  Pavers?  Only to watch them come apart after a few years.

No, a concrete edge and surface around the pool provides the perfect flat, easy to maintain surface that also provides the play room that families desire.  We can rough the surface so that it makes it non-slip but why not pu that sign up any – “No Running”.

Garden edging

Garden upkeep is hard enough without the contents spilling out onto your lawn.  If you have bark and mulch that is constantly being mown over or has to be raked back into the garden bed every week you know what I’m talking about (Let’s not even get started on those areas that have bush turkeys that flick everything around),  Let’s face it, having a concrete garden edge, or any edge for that matter, that keeps it’s content’s where it’s meant to be, provides a perfect solutions for your ever spreading garden needs.  Not only that, but the smooth lines can help you delineate between the yard and the garden beds, creating a beautiful new look for the back yard.

While many people balk at the thought of artificial edging in their gardens, they don’t tend to realise that it actually creates a more visually pleasing effect for their home.  Concrete edges can be moulded and aligned with a number of curves and twists and turns to suit your garden, creating a slick and modern look.


Warning:  We always recommend that you check with your local Council.  Why it isn’t illegal to build a firepit in your yard, some councils have strict guidelines for lighting fires.  We would hate to build one for you only to have you not be able to use it.  Either way, only use it when wind directions are pointed away from your neighbours

Firepits have become increasingly popular.  They bring people together and provide warmth and comfort on those cold winter night socials, without the risk of the fire tipping over or spilling flames onto your hard and creating a hazard.

Courts and Play Areas

A quick, sneaky concrete pad in the back area is the great place and excuse to get those kids outside.  If you have the space, you can put it next to the house or far away so you don’t have to hear them, but it allows for a number of activities like basketball and handball.  Even squash if it’s against the house.  They can also double for parking spaces and outdoor areas, or if sheltered, provide future locations for things like bungalows and gazebos once the kids have grown up.  A further added advantage is that if you do have a large yard, then by concreting areas, it’s less to mow and maintain.  Why not concrete the whole thing! We’re kidding.  Well, kind of…

Curbing and Channelling

For those of you who don’t live on flat blocks, many will have had the same issue and know the problems it can cause, even if only minor.  As soft as it is, water can be a devastating thing as it flows over land, tearing at the soil and ripping through the sediment.  This can lead to large problems in many yards like land slips and yard loss and erosion around structures, or to minor visual impacts, where soil is lost, killing grass and plants.

Channelling this water in a specific direction and/or creating barriers to slow its progress is one of the best ways to mitigate and harm or damage to your yard.  While we are not engineers, if you yourself or somebody has a proposed method for concrete channelling, than we can perform that work for you.

We can also provide curbing along areas to redirect overland water flow back to the road.  Often we find this necessary on driveways and other hard surfaces to prevent pooling.  Curbing along these areas can redirect water into storm water drains or to the roadside gutter.

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