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A special outdoor space like a new deck or patio can not only change your backyard, but also your lifestyle.  There are a multitude of people who have such built, and you hear them say “I don’t know what we did before we had this built.”  It becomes a place of both solitude and a place for social interactions.  Many people simply think of a raised wooden deck or veranda, but sometimes simply providing a concrete base with a cover, even a simple shade sail, can provide you and the family a place to relax and have the friends over for a barbeque.

A simple slab provides a simple foundation to your activity.  It’s easy to clean or gurney and requires little or no upkeep in comparison to say a wooden deck which requires staining or refinishing periodically or another alternative which may require painting over a similar period.  It is also one of the most cost-effective solutions initially and in the long run, meaning you can save a dollar initially and over time.  Further, concrete is termite and borer resistant compared to something that be built up like a deck, meaning less worry and again less money spent on pest control and other wood pest resistant solutions.

But we don’t want a boring concrete slab…

No, and we understand that.  The slab is just the beginning, and there are many options to build the outdoor spaces around that, from turning it into a deck with fencing or a completely sheltered area.   Concrete surfaces can also be finished in a number of different ways with different edging patters.  While we can provide basic surface finishes for you, there is also the option of employing professional concrete finishes that can do everything from providing textures and patterns to adding colours.  A rougher surface may also help provide a non-slip ground if you are worried about people slipping.

What are my options?

A deck

When most people think “Deck” we are talking about a wooden platform built up, almost like a low laying veranda. 

People often underestimate the price of decks and the cost of even purchasing the wood itself.  Timber is a precious resource and it is slowly getting more expensive.  Before you have even started you may already be above your budget limit just on material cost.  The construction cost on top of that can be more or equal to that, not to mention the time to build is often also increased above  the laying of a concrete slab.  As a structure, there may also be building fees involved from your local council (they know how to sting you right?).

Most people however will build a wooden deck, equally for the aesthetics and the final finish is normally wood stained surface that cannot be achieved with concrete unless you inlay slats into the concrete itself.  Those who build wooden decks often have a particular design and finish in mind and if that’s the case, we aren’t going to talk you against doing it.

A deck also becomes more important however when the ground becomes less level.  Obviously it is a lot easier to build a structure up to the level of a house than pour volumes and volumes of concrete.  You may also not be able to complete full excavation or earthworks of an area if there are important gas or electrical mains which can’t be moved.

The down sides to a deck however is that the upkeep is increased.  Often staining or painting is required every few years and the surface can be scratched quite easily.  There is also less durability to the materials which can crack and break or fade in the sun.  Further upkeep may also be required to keep the termite and other pest boring insects at bay.

A paved area?

Pavers are one of those items that seem cheap at first.  Yes, the cheap pavers may be cheaper than pouring a slab however often they lack the aesthetics you are looking for and are far from durable, meaning they will crack and break under weight.  Cheap pavers will also be affected by the sun, discolouring over time.  Good pavers are expensive, and would generally cost more than getting a slab poured unless you can pick up a special deal.

Further, you may find yourself having to pour minimal concrete if you want the pavers to remain level anyway.  The alternative option is use sand or soil to hold them in.  This leads to movement over time and normally a unlevel surface with various pavers sticking out here and there.

The advantage of pavers is the wider range available, giving you a great contrast of designs allowing you to pick and choose.  They are also pest proof and while they may suffer from some above issues, if you do have a loose paver, they are normally easily replaced with a spare.

Why Call Logan’s Concrete Contractor when thinking about outdoor spaces?

Because we are serious about having the job done right.  There is a reason that we provide all the above information, including benefits of other options outside of concrete, because we want what is best for yourself.  Give us a call and we are happy to meet you on site and discuss all the options, and whether a concrete job is suited for you.  You have nothing to lose and you are not obliged to use our services.

From there we can organise a quote so you can compare prices to any other methods you may wish to seek in the future.   If you do wish to employ us for the job, you can be certain that you are getting trained professionals that are experts, efficient and have all the right equipment to get the job done.

The pouring of the slab and the creation of the space will normally take place over two days, however is very dependent on the weather and the complexity of the job.  Normally the earthworks is completed on the first day and unless it is a large scale, has bad access or movement space or other complexities (such as moving stormwater pipes, gas pipes, water and electricity mains) is rather straight forward.  The slab can then be poured the following day where our workers will level and smooth the surface to the desired result.  From there it may take a few days before you can walk on your new outdoor space!

While we are there we do try to minimise noise as best as possible, especially as we realise that we are normally so close to people’s home when we do these jobs, but you must realise that these two days will like be full of activity and you may not be able to walk through tis space.  The first day of earthworks is normally particularly loud so you may wish to organise not being home or to buy some ear plugs.

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