Things To Consider – Concrete Driveway

When looking to install a new driveway, ask yourself, is this right for me?  What do you want from it?  What purpose will it uphold and how long are you expecting it to last?  Below are the few considerations that may or may not be important when looking at installing a driveway.


For most people, initial up front cost is a big factor, and one of the biggest issues when deciding to purchase anything, let alone a new driveway.  Obviously, if you simply can’t afford it, then a concrete driveway may not be for you as all will admit it is one of the options with higher costs for installation.  If you can afford it, but a still teetering on the edge, ask yourself how long are you expecting to stay in that location, and how long do you need the driveway to last.  As concrete is a sturdier, more durable material, you can actually save money in the long run, not to mention time due to low maintenance, and you may consider it a worthy investment.

Purpose and expected load

Ask yourself whether you have any unexpected heavier than normal vehicles turning up to your property.  Concrete is excellent for withstanding constant weight compared to many other materials.  If you are likely to have heavy machinery or vehicles however, you may have to increase the thickness of the slab.  This will, in turn, increase the price of the installation, another factor to take into account.


Concrete is easy.  If  you have the money and are looking to install something that may take little to no maintenance over the years to come, if your time is more important to you than anything else, than concrete is the way to go.  At most, unless you have certain trees that stain or a car with an oil leakage, you may only have to clean it once a year with a gurney.  How’s that for convenience!


Another category related to cost.  Concrete can be more than just a boring old slab as there are now many options available.  Google and ask around to your local contractors about the possibilities as they are wide and varied and I’m sure there is something to match your home and yard.  The catch is, the more intricate you go, normally the higher cost.  Polishing, stamping and staining will all increase the overall price.


Similar to above, the design can be related to the visual aspect however it may also be related to the overall shape and location.  The design of your driveway may be limited by these factors due to trees, gardens and areas that cannot be dug out due to mains (electrical, water and gas).  This may be a limiting factor in determining what driveway you can physically install.

Weather and terrain

While weather in sunny Queensland is pretty predictable (apart from the occasional storm), you may wish to consider if the climate and terrain is suitable for concrete.  Large slopes may increase costs as the slab is required to be poured in steps and super cold climates can cause concrete to crack.

Council and covenant regulations

Finally, contact your local council and if so, your residential estate.  There may be rules and guidelines you are required to follow.

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