What Affects Concrete Driveway Costs

Like any item that you purchase, one of the most important things people want to know is – how much is this concrete driveway going to cost?  That particular question can be answered with the familiar, old proverbial – how long is a piece of string?.  A good concrete contractor takes each job on its own merit but there will normally be three major things that affect the overall price.


Obviously, the larger the area for the driveway, the higher the volume of concrete required and thus the more concrete required, the greater the price.  When we talk about the size of the area, we are also not just looking at length by width (ie surface area) but depth as well.  Due to the load, driveways tend to be thicker than other slabs and pads you may find in your backyard, and may be made even thicker if heavy vehicles are expected on the surface.  A good contractor will conduct measurements on site during a site visit to determine the amount of concrete required for the job and use this as the basis for any quote provided. 

Work Involved

Not always, but the amount of work involved may also affect the price.  As a driveway is built to be flush with the ground surface around it (rather than assay a shed pad which is raised) it is normal for there to be extensive earthworks involved.  In most cases a digger or bobcat can be used to the work quickly however if for some reason the use of machinery isn’t viable either for access reasons or there are trees or other objects to manoeuvre around, portions may have to be dug by hand.  If the soils is particularly bad or there are rocks to be removed, additional work may also be required.  In most instances the pre work for the concrete can normally be done over a day however if for some reason the work is vastly more extensive this might increase the costs.

There is also more work involved in the pouring stage if the concrete driveway is on a sloped surface.  As concrete is poured wet, hills and slopes make the work harder for the contractors.  Usually in this instance it will also cost more to the buyer.

Different Finishes

The final major reason that a cost could increase is due to extra finishing touches that may be purchased.  These could be an exposed aggregate surface, stamping or colouring.  Dependant on the concreter these various services will cost extra and may even involve the use of a separate business to come in and finish the job. 

So how much?

At its most basic, a concrete slab or driveway can cost anywhere from $50 -$90 a square metre, dependant on the work involved and the thickness.  As above, extra services such as colouring, stamping and surfaces with exposed aggregate will cost more.

It is possible to be able to Google a concrete  price calculator however in our experience they tend to be on the low side, obviously with the incentive of selling you a product and organising a call with that particular business.  The Only proper way to get a decent quote is to have a professional service on site who can measure up, look at the slope of the land and provide an official quote to you either on the spot or once the have made the calculations back in their office.

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