Why Build A Concrete Patio

You may be thinking to yourself of adding that little extra to your outdoor space, but unsure what you want to do with it.  A concrete patio allows you to design the area you want around your existing house while providing for an outdoor area the whole family can enjoy.  AS concrete is poured in a wert, slurry form, it means that if you have other areas in the way such as effluent tanks, water tanks, trees and gardens or even pools, you can create the space to your own personal design, shape and size. 

These days the design and beautification of the project is a lot more achievable then many believe, as modern finishing techniques allow a vast array of colours and textures.  You no longer have to worry about a plain, boring grey slab and your shape and design may be completely unique and unlike anyone else in your neighbourhood.

A patio gives you the outdoor space for kids to play, families to enjoy meals and have a barbeque and to spend those evenings outside the house in a place you can call your own.  It creates the perfect place to put a table and chairs without having to worry about eroding the lawn, and as it’s concrete, you don’t worry about the weeds creeping through paver joins. 

There is a certain flexibility to starting off with a simple concrete patio as well.  For instance, or you may require is simply the flat space outside, with no roof.  This allows not only the option to build and design a overhead  structure or a bungalow or gazebo at a much alter date, but will also give you an initial cheaper option to have your outdoor space started.  Once you spend time relaxing and enjoying your new space, it will give you a more understanding of what you would want in the future.  Another quick benefit of starting small is that if you are not building a structure and the slab is embedded flush with the ground, there is a good chance that you won’t require any approvals through your local council (although you should always check first – you will won’t you?)

A patio adds value to your house and it creates long lasting benefits as it is unlikely to wear down as it lasts for many years.  That same durability means it is easy to care for, no upkeep is required, no staining or pulling weeds.  A quick wash every now and again will keep it as new.  There is also less building time involved, have you ever waited for a deck to be built – it’s a long process whereas most slabs can be done in a few days (one day for excavation and prep work, one day for pouring the concrete and whoa-la!).

Finally – another benefit is that the a concrete patio is also a relatively environmentally friendly solution as no trees or lumber is used in its building so you can rest assured that you have done your environmental duty.


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