Why Install A Concrete Driveway?

Why will admit that we are a little bit biased considering that concrete is the business we are in, nonetheless, there is a lot to be gained from the knowledge of working in the field and seeing our customers happy.  Concrete is known for its toughness and lasting nature and we believe that it is something everyone should consider when thinking about installing or upgrading their driveway.

Strong and resilient

I mean, it’s concrete right, it’s what it is known for.  The very nature of the material will allow you to provide a platform for the entry of your vehicles that will last longer than any other material.  Further, if you are expecting heavier than normal vehicles, such as trucks and heavy machinery, the investment of a concrete driveway may save you money significantly in the long run as it will be subject to less wear, tear and degradation.


The advantage of a poured material is that you can fit an exact shape, around your garage, your home, your gardens and whatever other non-movable items may be in your way.  Sure bricks and pavers can be cut, but they don’t give the smooth lines and nice looks that concrete can.  Sure gravel can be laid down, but it will slowly spread over time, small rocks going where you don’t want them.  A concrete driveway only goes where you want it – and it stays there.


When modern concrete was first invented, it would have been unlikely that we could have written this article.  Concrete was, what most people think of it today, a dull, grey and pretty boring material to look at.  Modern concrete methods however has changed that.  There are now a number of different ways to improve the visual quality of your drive way – whether it be the exposed aggregate, colouring, printing or polishing.  The end results can match anything that other variable methods such as pavers can throw at you.

Ongoing Maintenance

By far the biggest benefit of a concrete driveway is that once it is there, and laid properly, it is by far the most minimal maintenance you require of all driveway options.  It doesn’t move like pavers, or spread and get washed away like gravel.   It doesn’t get muddy and can be easily cleaned by a water pressure sprayer. 

Best functioning material

Functioning?  It’s a driveway, it doesn’t have any functions right?  Well, no, wrong.  The function of the driveway is to correctly load vehicles safely in and out of your yard.  As per a few pointers above, nothing does this better than a concrete driveway.   You see, most other materials will degrade much quicker than other driveways, cracking, moving or being washed away and thus not being able to fulfil its basic roll correctly.  There is a reason all the large, important civil projects such as bridges and bypasses use concrete, it’s the best material they have.

Long term cost effectiveness

As we’ve previously written in other articles, yes concrete normally as an up front higher cost, but that money may be considered an investment, as the lifetime of a good concrete driveway in a good location will last far longer than any other method.  This means that you, the customer, actually save your hard earned money in the long run!

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